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            Sanyang Textile Co.,Ltd.

            San Yang Textile Co., Ltd.

            Add: NO.106, Liqi Rd. Lijin County, Dongying City, Shandong Provice, China    
            URL: www.bankjobsearch.com


            Dear friends:

            With the rapid development of information technology, business competition is becoming more and more fierce, but the sincere cooperation is still the gem of harmonious development between enterprises. Sanyang Textile Co. Ltd. by all circles of the society to support the rapid development of separation, thus, development of the company would like to give a warm and caring and strong support of domestic and foreign friends and colleagues to express the most sincere thanks!

            Sanyang Textile Co., Ltd. since its establishment in 2003, always adhere to the strategic positioning of export-oriented high-end, the difference in thinking of the operation of traditional industries, has now developed into a set of cotton processing, spinning, twisting, weaving, clothing, international trade as one of the major textile group. The company adopts the international top textile equipment in Switzerland, Germany and Japan, the main production of high count cotton combed yarn, spinning line, high-density cotton and elastic fabric products, selling high-end Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, Europe, Africa and other domestic and foreign markets.

            In the aspect of the system, the three dimensional textile has set up the frame of the corporate governance of the separation of powers and checks and balances. Companies continue to implement the "people-oriented" business philosophy in the process of development, adhere to the "openness, justice and fairness" and "survival of the fittest" principle, the introduction and improvement of a comprehensive competition mechanism, the establishment of a centralized decision-making, management responsibilities, management mode, open.

            In the market competition, the company will always adhere to the "good faith" principle, with a good style of high-quality products, good reputation and perfect service to display of 3 this world, strive for the credit system to build a harmonious society and contribute their strength.

            Speed is better than perfect. With the rapid development of the past few years, the textile industry has become a new star in China's textile industry. We are pleased to look back on our achievements and look forward to the future.

            We believe that the development of the capital market will change the future of traditional industries, the rules of the game. Sanyang textile will continue to improve the quality of operation and brand gold content, with the "concentric capital diversified capital operation" as a strategy to establish the brand as the goal, and strive to lead the market trend of China's textile industry capital.

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