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            Sanyang Textile Co.,Ltd.

            San Yang Textile Co., Ltd.

            Add: NO.106, Liqi Rd. Lijin County, Dongying City, Shandong Provice, China    
            URL: www.bankjobsearch.com


            "The spring comes in full form." is coming from the "book of changes", "book of changes" in November as the hexagram Fu, Yang was born in the next twelve months; Lin Gua, Yang was born in two; for the first month was born under the hexagram Tai Yang. Refers to the winter to spring, Yin Yang long, is a symbol of geely. After the start of the New Year greeting language. As a poetic couplet wrote: "a $two gas sanyangtai, four Liuhe Chen chun".

            Sun - the sun shines like the sun, moon and stars all over the world. "Three people are concentric, the benefits of breaking gold", the three companies focus on the strength of the top three shareholders, unity, and strive to achieve brilliant results.

            [interpretation] The spring comes in full form. pattern

            Sheep, Gu Tongxiang word, auspicious. Yu Yang sheep "". Sanyang, ninth, Gua Yao 92, 93, Yang and Yin also declined. Kaitai, hexagram Tai; dry earth, the universe and all things pass. Kai Tai that is the meaning of the open, a good luck.

            "The spring comes in full form." pattern, and employees to the moral world, against all the odds, remove all the evil person, good luck will follow.

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